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When it comes to live streaming services like live webinars or webcast events, most of this event is hosted in an indoor studio set where the host speaker will do their presentation and the production crew will assist to broadcast the live video content to the target audience. Although governments around the world have place […]

When it comes to Townhall meetings, most white-collar adults will at least attend one or two meetings in their career. It is usually held in a large convention hall or a hotel function room where top management will discuss various topics that are related to the company’s performance and other relevant issues to their employees.   But due to the […]

When it comes to online marketing strategies and live streaming services in China, many foreign companies find it hard to penetrate the Chinese market. Not because of the language barrier but more on the strict censorship imposed by the Chinese government that ban all popular western video platforms and internet service providers like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, […]

Live streaming services have virtually become part of our lifestyle which many people have often used to either communicating with their working colleagues, hosting live streaming events for business or private events, watching their favorite sports and entertainment events using their laptops or smartphones. As a matter of fact, the demand for live streaming services has skyrocketed […]

When it comes to Townhall meetings, most corporations will host their business conference or AGM (Annual General Meeting) in venues like hotels or convention halls where the place is big enough to cater to large groups of attendees for the conference. Townhall meeting will need very detailed planning for the event as the agenda is to communicate and rallying the […]

Unlike other countries in the world, many foreign companies with big brands are facing a unique set of challenges to do business in China. Especially in B2C (Business to Consumers) online marketing when they not only need to face local competitors but also the strict regulations from the CAC aka Cyberspace administration of China that prohibits many […]

Do not get me wrong when I write this article based on the title. My intention is just to share with those who enjoy participating in live streaming events and have the intention to create their live streaming shows or events either for e-commerce or entertaining purpose.  Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 aka coronavirus outbreak in late 2019, many […]

With the vast improvement in live streaming technology and its ability to produce higher quality video and audio content. Many companies around the world have gained interest to host hybrid events and broadcast to their target audience virtually. This is because many consumers can easily access virtual events online using their smartphones, tablet, or laptops […]

In recent years, the Minister of Education in Singapore has supported many education institutes to promote digital learning as part of their effort in improving the education system to keep up with the current market demands for the younger generations. This is the reason that public schools today have access to and funding to use […]

Live streaming has become the latest trend in china’s social media which is so popular that more than 80% of the sales online are transacting on these e-commerce platforms. Created by each vlogger who is selling their products online, they will use popular social media platforms in china such as Kuaishou, YY, Huya, Douyu, Douyin, and Bilibili that has a huge following in China’s online […]

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