3D Virtual Studio Production

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Why should you use a 3D virtual studio for your next video shoot?

A virtual studio set, in a nutshell, is a television studio with a green or blue screen backdrop that allows graphic designers and coders to create CGI graphics or 3D video content on the fly. This means you have greater control over the look of your event since you may choose from a variety of scenery alternatives, both animated and “real

3D Virtual production is transforming the way content is created, not only because of the apparent cost-cutting benefits of virtual technology but also because of the expanded storytelling possibilities it offers. The current challenge in virtual set construction is to match reality, to create a perfect, realistic representation of reality that is indistinguishable from reality itself in real-time. Because the inability to distinguish if the visuals we’re witnessing are genuine footage or digital representations is what makes all the difference.

3D Virtual technology is a cost-effective alternative since it allows production companies and networks to create a variety of scenarios and locations, whether for comedy, news, sports, or entertainment programs. Because of the superb quality of virtual sets created utilizing this technology, it’s an excellent replacement for remote live outdoor shooting or real set building.

3D Virtual technology How does it work?

A 3D virtual Studio set is a computer-generated, three-dimensional setting that allows real people (TV hosts, news anchors) and other things (production sets) to do their presentations.

This is done by traveling in 3D space with a 4K camera while rendering the image of the virtual camera from the same angle. This also means that the virtual scene may change to various camera settings such as pan, angle, and zoom during the live production.

In contrast to typical Chromakey production, which involves eliminating the original background from the subject of photos and videos.

While a 3D virtual studio does not require post-production because it can be done in real-time, it does necessitate the use of graphic artists who are experts in 3D computer graphics software in order to construct the virtual environment with single or many images appearing in the scene.

To build a three-dimensional virtual studio environment based on real-time, most if not all studio production houses use common techniques such as camera tracking, real-time rendering software, and video mixing, which require a high level of competence and experience.

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