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What is IBM Cloud Video

Power your business with proven, scalable cloud video solutions and reveal insights hidden in your video data. Don’t just do live streaming, but engage the best platform and track the data of oyur video live streams.

The global enterprise video market is expected to reach $36.84 billion by 2020.* Take advantage of this growth by leveraging video to open up new revenue opportunities, interact with your audience on any device and increase viewership

What is IBM Cloud Video?

Formerly known as Ustream, it is America Company that specialized in live video streaming and video hosting before it is acquired by IBM in 2017 and changed it to IBM Cloud Video. It specialized in broadcasting live and on-demand video content to external audiences on the massive scale and also help to secure the video delivery online on the enterprise level to engage the targeted audience with the video platform solutions. IBM Cloud Video services allow the company’s personal-in-charge to manage and control the video communications and other related features that comes with artificial intelligence capabilities to gain insights and other perspectives from video content that is unstructured.

IBM Cloud Video services are popular in the business world as it helps companies to increase the marketing value of their video as it comes with advanced solutions and products that aim to simplify the workflow management and streaming video. With the aid of cognitive and high levels of artificial intelligence technologies, IBM Cloud Video helps the client to enhance every the facet and aspects of the live or on-demand video and maximize business opportunities and viewer engagement through unprecedented access to advanced data and analytics online.

There are three basic features and solutions that IBM Cloud Video offers to their client which is listed as below.

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager is an online video platform that is cloud-based by nature, It is easily adaptable and allows the client to use the on-demand content and broadcast to the external audience or provides the end-to-end solution for live video content. As the administrators can manage the dashboard in the platform easily, the service overall supports both user-friendly and allows the user to do complex setups if necessary. The services also include the additional feature of the registration gate that is optional in the content that allows the company to generate leads from the video assets.

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager for Enterprise

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager for Enterprise is specifically designed for the administrators to record and deliver video that is related to training, town halls and department communications purpose that can be easily viewed by the employees online. This services also empowers the workforce collaboration and engagement through highly secure, the internal facing video that is delivered using a live and on-demand streaming platform which is automatically updated with new features and updates and easily maintained by the IT department.

IBM Cloud Video Enterprise Content Delivery Network

IBM Cloud Video Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) is a service that helps companies to prevent any technical issues that are related to issues such as delivering security-enhanced video to multiple or single corporate connections. ECDN also protects the client’s network by offering scalable and flexible enterprise-level video delivery solutions without additional cost for hardware deployments. This, in turn, allows the streaming assets to be efficient in scaling through the caching of a single version of a video asset which is then delivered across a network to the targeted viewers.

In summary, IBM Cloud Video is an online solution that can easily deliver videos to the massive audience that comes with improved geographic reach, is reliable with a built-in feature of intelligent online traffic management as a backup process. The video content will be automatically transcoded while uploading in the cloud to allow easy content delivery to any media devices that are adaptable to the different range of connection speed.

IBM Cloud Video’s platform also allows the administrators to track the engagement in real-time that includes the geographic locations and numbers of media devices used which the administrators can download the full reports for tracking purpose.

Finally, IBM Cloud Video has a strong security feature that can control and restrict access to the target corporate video assets. This platform can integrate to the corporate directory systems easily and allow access with either a single login or multiple individual emails to access online. Most importantly, IBM Cloud Video enables companies that use the service without risking any security or privacy breach.

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